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Coleman Hot Surface Ignitor (S1-32541021000)

Coleman Hot Surface Ignitor  S1-32541021000 Coleman part number 32541021000 Ignitor This HSI Norton Ignitor works on most all DGAA Series and DGAH Series Gas Furnaces.  Replaces part number 1474-052P,1474-0521 and 02541021000  


Skylight 1 piece Polycarbonate dome 24 X 24 (SF2222)

Dura Series Skylights from Sun-Tek 1 Piece polycarbonate skylight.  Maximum roof opening 22.5" x 22.5"  Overall dimension 29.5" x 29.5" The SF Series skylights are a one piece self flashing Polycarbonate unit that mounts just under your shingles and directly to your roof decking.  Their ease of installation and economical price make these units a best buy. Sun-Tek Dura Series Skylights are distinguished by their easy installation and their long-wearing durability. Dura Series are made with G.E Lexan® Resin. Dura Skylights are 30 times more impact resistant than acrylic skylights, 250 times more impact resistant than glass. The Polycarbonate in Dura skylights is the same product used to produce airplane windows, auto bumpers and football helmets. Dura Skylights are UV stabilized for long lasting protection. Polycarbonate skylights resist temperature extremes from a frigid -60° below zero to an oven baking +250° degrees. Available in a bronze exterior with a clear or frosted interior finish, with your choice of single, double or triple domes. Each layer of air between domes enhances thermal protection. Available bronze and white metal curbs available for appropriate models. Shipping from Indianapolis is very reasonable. Ideal for your manufactured home, residential or mobile home or housing. Sun-Tek Measuring Chart


Woodford Thermaline 2' Bury Freezeless Water Connection

The Thermaline® is a compact unit designed especially to provide water service to mobile homes. It is ideal wherever a freezeless sanitary tight line installation is needed. The Thermaline® is protected from freezing by a bonded polyurethane foam insulation permanently molded in high strength plastic casing, and a 15 watt (110-120v) portable insert heator, which costs about a penny a day to operate even at 50° below zero. The heator can be inserted and removed from the Thermaline® without interrupting the water service. Galvanized iron riser pipe with coal-tar coating on lower end, brass fittings, structural foam protective surface cover, and extra large cushion valve all combine to make the Thermaline® water connector virtually maintenance free. When not in use, wheel handle at surface level shuts off water below frost line and above the frost line can be removed completely with forced air or suction pump


Coleman Limit Switch S1-7660-3591

Limit Switch Coleman S1-7660-3591 Coleman limit switch auto 130*/150* Open/Close Used on 7660 Presidential Series gas furnaces