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Piers are great alternatives to concrete blocks. They are lightweight and stackable for easy shipping, storage and handling, making set-up simple and quick. Our standard pier is rated at 6,000 pounds holding capacity, but has been tested to 20,000 pounds. We have sizes available from 6" to 30" in two inch increments. Each size adjusts a maximum of two inches in height, so no shims are necessary. Pier heads are sold separately. Custom pier heads can be made to your specifications. Xi2 Foundation System Commercial Installation Instructions for Ground & Concrete Systems IBC 2006 90 mph Exposure C By Tie Down Engineering. 


Harbor Crest Triple 3.3 Siding Victorian Slate

Harbor Crest Triple 3.3 Siding Victorian Slate  Harbor Crest Triple 3.3 siding panels are 12' in length and 10" in height. 20 panels cedar brushed woodgrain finsih per carton. Each carton contains 2 squares of siding


Coleman flue assembly adjustable 99 in. - 120 in.

Telescoping flue assemblies are a two-wall system designed to bring in outside air for heating while expelling carbon monoxide. The roof mounting flange on the roof jack can be rotated from 0/12 pitch to 5/12 pitch or 22.6° Adjustable measurement listed with each flue assembly is determined by calculating the distance from the floor to the location of the roof jack flange at ceiling. Please contact your General Supply sales rep if you need assistance in determining the correct flue assembly for your furnace.


Set Back I-Beam 2.5" x 24'

Set Back I-Beam 2.5" x 24' This junor set back beam is manufactured of heavy extruded aluminum (.094 wall thickness) and measures 2.5" tall by 24' in length. This set back junior I-beam allows the homeowner to extend is patio cover 12 -18" past the support brackets. Please note freight cost may not calculated for this product at time of order as these post are too large to ship via UPS or Fedex ground.