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• Easiest system to install• Stabilizer plates and diagonal frame ties are not required in most set-ups• Longitudinal stabilization is easily added with Tie Down’s LSD strut kit• Heavy galvanized coating on bracket and struts• For use in Wind Zones I, II & III, Florida & Seismic Loads Easy Installation Manual


Bath Tub Drain Lift and Turn Metal

1-1/2"  Chrome pop-stop drain with positive push-pull seal.  Stopper seats and seals with a finger tip touch.   Plug is completely removable for cleaning.  Stainless steel lock nut included.  



Piers are great alternatives to concrete blocks. They are lightweight and stackable for easy shipping, storage and handling, making set-up simple and quick. Our standard pier is rated at 6,000 pounds holding capacity, but has been tested to 20,000 pounds. We have sizes available from 6" to 30" in two inch increments. Each size adjusts a maximum of two inches in height, so no shims are necessary. Pier heads are sold separately. Custom pier heads can be made to your specifications. Xi2 Foundation System Commercial Installation Instructions for Ground & Concrete Systems IBC 2006 90 mph Exposure C By Tie Down Engineering.