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34in. x 80in. Left Hinge 6 Panel Steel Door 4in. Jamb

7660 Series 6 Panel Steel Combination Door In Swing Door Manufactured Housing Mobile Homes RV Doors by Kinro   Features Dynasty Sunburst window panel Left hand swing or Right hand swing that swings in 6-Panel vinyl clad steel door prepped for lock & deadbolt, (Knocker & Viewer Included) 1-3/4" Insulated primary core entry door 1-3/8" Core with steel and foam (no wood) Silver butt hinge system Dual seal system to resist water, air, & light infiltration Aluminum threshold with thermal barrier 1-1/4" Thick painted self storing storm door Plywood jambs available in 4", 6" and 6-9/16" Storm Door Hardware included. Option window treatments are available- For mobile homes - manufactured homes - modular homes - residential housing - RV   Shipping from Indianapolis is reasonable


24in. x 14in. Single Pane Aluminum Slider Window & Screen

KinroTM Aluminum Frame Single Pane Slider Window With Screen Large flush mounting flange for easy installation Interlocking meeting rails for strength and security Quality pile weather stripping at sash head and jambs Soft vinyl bulb gasket for additional weather seal Slopped sill and large buit-in weep holes for superior drainage Jambs notched for multiple opening positions with spring loaded latches Nylon glides enable easy window sash operation For the Manufactured home, Mobile home, RV or Residential Housing Shipping from Indianapolis is reasonable CALL FOR SHIPPING COST


Better Bath White Permalux Garden Tub W/Outside Step 40" x 54"

Recently Better Bath introduced its Permalux® line to their Garden tubs. This Heavy Duty ABS Tub with Acrylic coating and additional resin under-body, adds additional strength and durability to these tubs.   The small additional cost makes these tubs and excellent purchase and have quickly become our best sellers. All of these Permalux® tubs come standard in white.  Almond is available in many garden tubs.  Check with your General Supply sales rep for more details.


Rapid Wall Trim Kit Tan

Rapid Wall Trim Kits are available in White, Grey and Tan. Each rail kit consists of 16 pieces of top front rail, top back rail, and bottom rail. Each rail section is approximately 11’9” long. This would provide enough rail to cover a home perimeter of 188 lineal feet. In addition, each rail kit also includes a hardware pack with enough ground spikes and nails to attach 188’ of skirting rails.